P.S. to recent post on Siri and Robin Williams:

Robin William’s agitated French accent is totally hilarious. It is totally possible for some French folks to be agitated in that manner, and certainly the language allows for that. But the Italians and Spanish can do that too! I like to interpret it as the French being cogitated =p and being well aware of being Alive, instead of living in a phone. They are also technophobes sometimes. But hell, when you’ve got the Eiffel Tower (just kidding). When you’ve got fabulous farm produce, wines, cheeses, great weather, beautiful stone buildings, cafes, bakeries, etc etc etc, why worry about technology.

End P.S.

So I was in the elevator going up (like what, an elevator can go down???), and there was a bunch of women folk carrying Bags. One shopping bag with Burberry lines, one other I can’t remember the brands, and some LV bags on their shoulders. Laughable really. I suppose someone went to Europe and bought some bags back. Laughable. So the story goes (in my mind):

My friend went to Paris (pronounced with the affected Frenchy accent of course, but a bit off), and all I got was this bag.

or alternatively:

I went to Paris! And I came back with a $80 discount off a LongChamp, $200! off a LV, $250!! off a Burberry! It was amaaaaazing.

in return for 2 weeks of trip planning, $4000 in travel costs, 20? Man-hours of research and price comparison and tax refund claims. Therefore what did it cost you in terms of wage expended per hour and opportunity cost in sightseeing versus personal satisfaction and increased girl cred with your friends (i suppose they have another term for cred).

interestingly, opportunity cost does not necessarily apply if maximum income is fixed and un-increasable even if more time was freed up. meaning to say even if said person does not spend this time and effort in “saving costs”, there will be no corresponding effort spent on making money and increasing value anyway. hmm. so go ahead and buy your outlet bags!!!

No I do not particularly enjoy economics.


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