Vietnamese Drip Coffee. 😉

I’ve developing a surprisingly high tolerance to caffeine, the interesting part is that I seem to have minimal caffeine-withdrawal/dependence symptoms. I hope I am not just kidding myself. I also conclude that I like frothed milk with my coffee. I don’t know, it makes it nicer.

This photo took a slightly roundabout way of reaching the blog. Instead of CanonDSLR > macbook > Adobe Lightroom > Flickr > blog, it was HTC phone > MagicHour camere app > Google Plus app > Google Plus link on Chrome > blog. Not too bad right. The caveat is that the photo is max resolution at 640px. That which you see is as big as it gets. Meaning, don’t even think about printing 4R. (ok that’s partly coz I did get the paid version of the magichour app.)



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