(Seems like I’m getting more and more used to typing on the train. Partly due to Gmail magic, and Blackberry keyboard. But I stress that BB gmail is an idiot when it comes to draft sync. All hail the gmail app on androids)

I like badminton. More than tennis, I’d dare to say. It gives me this great thrill. I like how the court is relatively small (yes its still a big stretch to run around. But truthfully any smaller courts or tables generally translate into a faster game and you’ll need to get around it even faster. Small for you = small for the opponent. ) But small court has an intimate feel to it. I’m serious, I mean intimacy is not necessarily an sexual term. I guess I like it how its possible to look into your opponents eyes during serve, how you can talk to one another – impossible on tennis courts.
The swift serves. Not necessarily a flick of the wrist but in its essence very very simple, elegant, smooth. But also possible to be quite deceptive and susprisingly fast. One intriguing observation is that as you progress in skill, both you and your opponent, the serve becomes largely ineffective in winning the point. Really. Isn’t that odd? Tennis serves are winning. But really boring to watch. I hate it. The conservative badminton serve actually avoids giving the opponent
too many possible advantageous moves. Like in tic-tac-toe. Bad serves are then totally suicidal. Very amusing though.
Even more than serves, I like the pace of badminton games. I like the repertoire of strokes, speeds. Alarmingly high strung game. No not pun. I like how soft drop shots ah. Its just incredible. The high hit, sometimes with a fake-smash to throw off the opponent, the fast start and then extremely fast deceleration into a fall just across the net. Andy does it ridiculously close to the net, I can’t do that. To translate a moving object into such precision is cool. But do that
with the opponent at the net and its also stupid. A low back or forehand save into a drop is also useful for low-strength
requirements. Of course don’t forget the lifts and drives too. But those aren’t so fun to employ.

Been doing more net play lately. Usually Andy’s fault. You’ll start to realise that if you move fast enough and catch the shuttle as its near the floor, there’s quite a lot of time to save it. But most definitely the next shot is a disaster because you are in such a weak position. Can only attempt a close net return. Also trying to keep my net shots angled to save on the distance travelled. Helps a lot. And just a controlled push will do. I’m getting better at pushing it to the right. My left is still weaker. Forehand seems to lack finesse and delicacy.

Actually this game is rather explosive in nature. Due to the soft shots and sudden snap smashes. A strong tennis shot has a longer and smoother draw.

I very stupidly keep missing many high shots. Very very stupid. Gotta keep my eyes on the shuttle, track it, aim, and actually connect, and not on the metal.

Need to do more drop shots.

Placement. Accuracy. Footwork.