baby girl

Now what’s that song about a baby girl.

Wow it’s been an eventful week. It’s Sunday night and finally there’s a breather to take stock.

30 Sept Sun – still felt stressed over other things. Amazing Sarah managed to reassure me. whew.

1st Oct Tues – felt like the achey spot on my chest is still bothering me. It’s been at it awhile and it’s just dragging on more than a week, even after the haze is gone. Decided to just get it checked out further, anyway it’s a relatively free evening, not too much work or baby prep to do. I still managed to go work, come back, make a quick dinner, eat, and then we went down to CGH A&E. Apparently not deadly sick huh. The wait wasn’t too long, triage was not bad, did an ECG, waited a short bit for the doctor, he was nice, and quite thorough. It’s been more than a decade since we’ve been to an A&E, and it’s not that bad. After being used to quick and simple GP visits, this is like so thorough and not rushed. Did some blood tests and chest x-ray as well. Might as well do the entire works since we’re here and it’s like a flat fee haha. Thankfully it was like practically all clear of bad bad stuff, it’s good to really clear up doubts and worries. Mental health is like half of it. got loaded with a ton of anarex and diflo. It all makes me just so sleepy.

2nd Oct Wed – unexpectedly on MC. We decided to go down to Parkway East Hospital a few days early to register for the delivery. Fairly smooth. Had our fave vietnamese food nearby.

3rd Oct Thurs – work. work. work. and annoying work. came home. arranged some stuff in the house. watch some tv. Sarah’s on leave this entire week, just resting before the due date.

and then woah water burst just after we went to bed past midnight. Of all times! The bad – we just had supper, so no c-section for 6 hours, we haven’t really gotten any sleep. The good – hey at least I’m at home and with her, so we could just pack up and go to the hospital, and we’ve thankfully pre-registered so that’s one less admin thing to worry about.

4 Oct Thurs – Reach hospital ~1am. (It’s nice to drive on empty roads. And amazingly I’m not drowsy from drugs) get into the labor ward, put on monitoring, everything still stable and ok, scheduled for 9am delivery. After all the fussing around and settling down, it’s like 2-ish am. omg need to wait till morning. I can’t sleep in the room, lobby has wailing sick kid, so I just lay down in the car – at least it’s peaceful and quiet out in the night and I can prop my leg up anywhere I want. haha. I haven’t had this night-out-camping-feeling in so long. It reminded me of those NS outfield days, in the cool and quiet night, awake for upteen hours for stupid reasons, chilling out and watching the quiet roads/sky, every normal person is asleep, almost no traffic but still some odd people driving about, and then the 5.30am first bus, early workers (poor things), and the traffic building up. Sheesh I didn’t sleep much huh. too much awakeness and adrenaline also made hungry. sitting in the wee hours of the hospital cafe eating vending machine sandwich and milo, realizing I arrived at the hospital with $4-$5 in cash and no posb atm card! shakes head. breakfast at 6.30am. going back up to the ward at 7. hanging around waiting for the doctors to come in. watching the machine monitor the contractions.

finally us going into the operating theatre. me having to change separately, sitting there waiting for a long time while they do the big prep with the epidural, drip, etc etc, finally being let in and not allowed to touch anything.

a big push. and then the baby is out! wailing at the top of her lungs. hahaha. what a happy sound after like 9 hours of worry and stress. Where did our easy scheduled c-section become!

And we have our super cute, super precious baby girl. After having her around in the womb for months, watching her squirm inside, kicking around, turning around, growing bigger and bigger, it’s so sudden to see her in real life. The incredible contrast between quiet sleeping and sudden wailing. Don’t you have a middle volume tier or anything!!? Not just 0%, 5%, 100%?

Then there’s the silent unconscious anxiety about administrative arrangements, checkups, feeding, preparing clothes and bottles, leave, health, naming. It’s an incredible relief as one by one many of them are settled and ticked off.

First 3 days in the hospital just went by so fast! With all the in and outs, nurses coming by for this and that, taking care of the recovery, medication, drips, meals, sleeping, feeding, diapers, visitors. It’s also a big thing to have both a wife that needs to recover, and a new baby that needs to be looked after! From 0 to like 2 dependents at a go!

And some really tender quiet moments with just the three of us in the room. Just us. Here we are now, in a nice contented peaceful family moment. If nothing else, this whole period has brought us even closer together, just having to do all the prep and stuff together instead of often being busy with our own lives and things.

It’s really nice.

baby girl

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