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Mumbai, the financial and fashion hub of Incredible India.

Over the past week I have passed many streets of Mumbai. Past the Marine Drive, past the other coast/beaches, past the relatively new Sea Link, past many luxury hotels, and many other far less luxurious hotels. Past the current residence of the Reliance billionaires, past the high priced south mumbai district. past the higher end shopping area of Linking Road.

An entire week has passed here. It’s almost scary knowing how many days and weeks I have spent in this country. It’s also unfathomable how easily we just take to ordering Indian cuisine now. Not that we really understand all the names that well, but we kind of have an idea of what might be coming, and also are pretty unafraid of the dishes. Perhaps its the getting out of hotel mindset that have brought us to this. Previously we always had the convenience and comfort of a proper hotel restaurant with decent western and easily acceptable indian food. Not the best tasting, but good quality enough. Now, having nothing decent to eat here, we’ve explored takeaways, all sort of fast food hotlines, local restaurants, and well still some hotels, because one does get tired at times. Had another dinner delivered to our place just now. Full of different types of chicken, different gravys, chinese noodles (in you know, those Indian stype or American style. ~ “let’s have chinese!”….) hm.
It feels familiar, and yet odd, to get back to singapore and start adjusting back to another local food and surroundings. somewhat disorientating.
KFC here is well, you know KFC is always sucky, but at least it’s a source of reliable and safe food. just like macdonalds. wish they had more international chains. and where’s starbucks? there’s this Cafe Coffee Day – a decent local coffee joint. yeah.

oh and i like living out of my own room! haha. well life is simple when i can have my laptop on the bed, phones and remotes also strewn on the bed. book. aircon remote. maybe camera too. and tv in front of me, though that’s mainly to make the room less freakishly quiet. hm.

back to the original topic, i wanted to say that mumbai being the big big big big big city that it is, and one of the most advanced in india, is still insanely messy, dirty, complicated, messy again, and quite a disaster. i dont know. many of these people no doubt are rich. so why are the buildings so ugly and dirty, the streets so dirty and messy, the beach so ewwy, the air so crazily smoggy. one day we couldnt see the bridge out on the sea, couldnt see the buildings on the other side either.
and Linking Road, the shopping area, is practically like a bangkok shopping road with all the roadside stalls, incessant stream of auto rickshaws, incredible mess, honking, people, trash, nothingness. sometimes all you can say is oh my gosh.

put up some more photos on the mumbai set.

riding in non-AC vehicles like the black/yellow taxis and tuk-tuks are just terrible. the roads stink, the traffic is headache inducing, its uncomfortable, the roads are messy and bumpy, the honking. experiences. it must be much more peaceful out of the cities. ugh. ugh ugh.
i heard delhi is as bad, or worse.

what is wrong with this place? =p

je t’aime.

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