I was walking around in Raffles City’s ground level where all the posh shops are, and I was extremely extremely captivated by the agnes b shop.


I’ll disclaim first that I have always had a thing for that brand, so pardon the ebullience.

agnes b

agnes b

There were two photos put up inside the shop. Some things I describe might not be apparent on this small screen: these are big prints.

I observed that (so kiddish sounding). I observed that agnes b is one of the two shops with no capital letters in the name, the other is kate spade. More uniquely, agnes b uses the signature version, I mean, instead of a straight font like kate spade does. I think you can google it up if you don’t remember. (on a side note, every time I look at a kate spade shop, I feel a sense of disconnect with the designers themselves’ own home, which is pretty cluttered and full of antiques) So, back to the topic, I like agnes b for its casual simplicity, the un-stiffness of their brand, their understated simplicity, their homeliness. They aren’t a stagecoach leatherhouse, they aren’t a Stiff Leather Shop with capital letters, they don’t have stiff fonts and stiff lines in their bags, they don’t have ridiculous models in their ads. The two photos they have in their shop had no people in them, no models, no bags. The photos were not ramrod photoshop straight, they probably did not use camera flash, they were soft focused, there were not lomo-filtered. I think the brand conveys a pretty different feeling from the rest.

I like it alot.

That french b. is also marvellous.

To say that clothes define a person is just a myopic view of life. How you live your life, defines your life. Which is a pretty lame way of saying that nothing can define your life other than your life itself. So, what I want to say is that your choices, the brands you like, the clothes you choose to buy, to wear, it all reflects some of what you consciously or unconsciously think of others, of yourself, of what you notice, what you like. No no I don’t always think so much before buying a tshirt. But it is sometimes, interesting, to try to point out other people’s perceptions after they make a choice, and see how they react to being accused/classified of having a certain view.


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