Au Revoir Taipei

Saw this pic posted on YouMightFindYourself that reminded me of the movie Au Revoir Taipei.

It’s actually a chinese movie and not a french one. It was a fun storyline which is largely about this guy (on the right) trying to go to paris to chase after the girl of his dream (not the girl on the left), and the hilarious events that ensue, and the meeting of this girl (on the left).

i liked this movie alot. first because they dreamed of going to paris. seccond because the girl was so sweet and innocent. third because they didn’t know better. four because it was so young. five because there were moments in the night. six because the idiot criminals were plain idiots. seven because nothing was true anymore. eight because everyone had their own dreams, big and small. nine because daylight kept approaching. ten because there was nothing left at all.

interestingly enough, there’s this trailer on youtube that is extremely similar but seems different. I should like to watch it too.

Au Revoir Taipei

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