Are they listening

Saw a pretty good summary by a commenter on a forum:

ConcernedNot concerned
Don’t understand ML‘I bought this device and now people are listening to me.‘I have nothing to hide’
Understand ML‘How can we train models/collect data in an ethical way’‘Of course, google needs to label its training data’

Quite interesting way of describing it, and yes the situation is far from perfect, lots of overlaps, lots of confusion, lots of vagueness in the situation of what is going on, how much to trust etc.

The discussion and battling is good, it drives the industry forward, we’re getting better. The tech is getting better, the controls are getting better (hopefully), and people learn to live with it.

I guess this is probably the defining moment of the 2010-2020 period. The overwhelming rise of ML/AI pretenders.

I still get the number of people who say/joke that your phone is listening to everything and targeting ads at you. It’s most easy to show or explain or appreciate how pervasive the online ad profiling and tracking can be, nor do I really know how powerful it is, but I can imagine how it is sufficient to perform lots of ‘magical’ linkages to show you that relevant/irrelevant ad. Sometimes you just need to see how dumb the ad can be – eg showing you something after you’ve just bought it.

Are they listening

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