I don’t know about Steve Jobs, I mean, he’s dead and all, but if I were him, and I launched the pathetic meaningless upgrade of an iPhone 4S, I would kill myself. Or rather, according to his biography which I am reading some of, he should not ship it, or cry. Apparently he likes to throw tantrums and cry.

It is surprisingly contradictory. He steals ideas from Xerox, Android; He blames Android for copying iOS. wow. He refuses to ship incomplete products; He ships iPhones with half-baked features like no copy/paste, like half-assed Siri, like spoilt Antennas, like malfunctioning alarm clocks. Which other phone in the history of mankind had a malfunctioning alarm clock. Nokia could do better with a $50 phone.

I WISH, that, one of the Android phones would do really really really well. I mean, the entire problem with the Android ecosystem right now is I think simply fragmentation. Fragmentation makes it really difficult for independent one-man developers to start doing an app for it. That leads to them jumping on th e iOS until they can raise enough money to cover the Android field. They all want to. So if one Android phone can sell so well it becomes effectively The Android phone to have. Then developers can focus their energies on this one phone. And that will catalyse the growth of the system. It’s not that difficult. Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple. And they are growing. Google only just started doing great tools and standardization to help developers manage different screen sizes. It will improve. HD resolution tops up at like those pathetic 720p and 1080p. There will come a time when resolutions will all be similar. Or at least a standard reference resolution that is resized for each screen that manufacturers choose. Simple as that.

History has shown us so many times that innovative open growth will always be better than closed control growth. Silicon Valley innnovates fast because it is open. It is disheartening to see them live in a closed iOS system. Jailbreak be damned.
All empires fall. When Apple falls, probably due to Steve Jobs being gone, iOS will die with it. Android won’t. Google has consistently demonstrated respect towards user data and open systems. They will allow you to export your data. The Android open source system can live on without Google.

Ok I am just quite annoyed that I like some features of both systems. I like the Google integration, and I like some iphone apps.


As I posted on FB, I find it disturbingly disappointing that Apple did so little work on the iphone 4S. lousy battery, lousy screen, okay camera (hey this a phone dude, make a phone better before you make the accessory better), marginally manageable iMessage (i mean, who ONLY contacts iOS users. oh, americans), americanised-Siri…
1.5 years and you can’t even get the battery right?
You are so manipulative of the hardware manufacturers and you can’t even improve the screen? They just wanna keep the resolution the same so that the developers will have an easy time and not be so tempted to go to the big Android market.


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