Android madness

The ipod/iphone interface is pretty, I’d grant it that. Its clean, easy to see, visible, sleek. Nice whites and greys and shadows. The keyboard is pleasant to look at. The music function is so comprehensive.

Good, until I discover the keyboard is so staid. its not easy coming back from ‘zhng’ed or upgraded Android keyboards. Just like I can’t accept the current underdeveloped music fn on android, I can’t accept the contacts, phone, email, connectivity functions on iphones. So if you want to play games and listen to music and watch videos you might like the iphone. If you want to dop work, be ridiculously connected and integrated, android works better. Tho Blackberry is still ahead on office related functions and I still type super fast on the physical bb keyboard. Really really fast.

Android is abit like windows7 with all the advanced bells and whistles, if you know how to use it. iOS is like winXp, sleek fast basic works.

P.S. I just saw KDE 4.5’s new screenshot. wow its pretty. maybe android is like more towards linux after all. haha. stable underneath, super skins, super functions, and not so media friendly sometimes.


wow you are not going to believe this amazing application, Tasker is doing the must amazing and fun custom profiles on my phone.

Upon incoming call when using headphones, disable vibration, say out “Incoming call from “, ringtone.

I can even share the profile with you by exporting it. Cool.


Swype typing is also pretty cool but it takes a bit of time to get used to it because it is kinda counter intuitive to spell words by sliding one finger over all the letters. Fun and actually messy but sometimes it is just so predictive. Gosh.

Android madness

One thought on “Android madness

  1. jx says:

    Mmm the Android OS is based upon Linux after all =)

    The only gripe I have is of the typing speed. Could type more quickly on the iPod but it might be because I’m still not that used to it yet… *impatient* FASTER PLS

    And Tasker sounds like an app worth buying =)

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