Here goes, after about 2 weeks of HTC Desire Android 2.1 Eclair Sense goodness, let me again update my impressions of the android platform. Normal news reports really do not do justice to both Android and iOS.

HTC Desire physical attributes:
– build is great. solid feeling metal
– weight is typical
– size, screen included, is typical
– screen type is average. not of the new Super AMOLED generation but good already. much better than IP3
– touch sensitivity is not perfect. perhaps coz i’m still adjusting to the keyboard key size
– USB charging ROCKS. i tell ya, this must be the new charging standard. no more crappy chargers. Now i can use my BB wall charger to charge my Desire, I can use my htc USB cable, nokia USB cable, bb USB cable, canon USB cable, so much so that i can charge the phone almost anywhere without worrying about connectivity. Do not underestimate this.
– 3.5mm port works with apple earphones too. shrug.
– no video output. i can live with that.
– no internal storage. crap my 8 gb microSD is not enough for music.
– camera good enough

– HTC Sync – for syncing calendar and contacts with PC, is kinda useless coz Google takes care of All That.
some ppl complain that with Apple u gotta use iTunes and sync forever and stuff. AND worst part is that you can only sync to one iTunes library. what the hell archaic stuff is that. so i hardly have to sync anything at all nowadays, except music. music is such an exceptional pain.
– phone functions. pretty good. Android is built around a phone. iPhone feels like an iPod plus phone/SMS app. = not very fantastic phone wise.
– again. Android is phone-use centric. Ridiculously good at contact management, phone/SMS management. Not as outstanding at games interface and music interface.
– Contact Management deserves its own review because it is so good it made me speechless. Why? I sync my old Nokia with Google, once some time ago. I did not sync my BB with it, coz my BB has no calling plan, only data plan, so it can only email but not phone/sms. So I have 2 sets of contacts. mafan. Now, upon initial setup, the Android is connected to my Google Contacts (which had an old version of my nokia stuff). So I found out oops it doesnt have recent names. So i resynced my Nokia, and the Android is updated in no time. cool. Then I synced my BB in too. Oops now I have some duplicate names, one name with email add, one with phone number. By now the Android is also into facebook. And magical Google Contacts/Android can Link contacts together, and also merge if you want to. Link is just virtual link, separate contacts maintained but appear as one. Merge is real merge. So it can auto detect and suggest contacts with same name, email..etc. Really cleaned up my contact listS alot. And then everything is resynced on the other phones and voila I have all my contacts everywhere. sheesh. Yeah it also links to Facebook (FB), so my phone contacts come with FB pics and FB status. like omgwtf. so that’s that, and it continues to amaze me as i link up more and more contacts manually. and you can also set default numbers to use. since some people nowadays hold so many phone numbers and email addresses and virtual identities. yeah its insane. im one of the worst.
– widgets. omg widgets are incredible. its like, well, widgets on Windows or OSX, but on your phone. imagine interactive, live thingies on your ‘desktop’, instead of just stupid dumb app icons. u can still choose to put dumb app icons. u can put shortcuts to app functions. like link straight to one contact, or one bookmark. u can add widgets depending on what apps and what functions they come with. u can make it super intelligent and useful. basically the iphone screen looks like windows xp desktop versus windows 7 desktop. just plain dumb.
– drop down notifications. yeah this one is amazing compared to iOS pop up notifications. Apple always sucked at this, even in their OSX. like Windows taskbar does so much more work than the OSX fancy dock. i know u prob cant imagine alot of these things.
– i love the weather notifications. yeah. oh and the animations. u so gotta see them. drool-worthy.
– LIVE wallpaper with moving bits. yes it sucks batt, but coolness factor is through the ceiling. did iOS4 only just get static wallpapers? dunno about them but the android static widescreen wallpapers actually overlap partially across the different screens.
– unlock code. apparently not as secure, the whole security setup of the OS anyway. but quite fun.
– Android Market. i cant buy paid apps here, yet. which is sucky. so only free ones. alright. but i can install 3rd party markets. and i can download straight from developers too. Choice is good. Buyers beware. need to make sure u dont install bad apps. yeah.
– app availability. who needs all those apps when the phone is already so good. seriously. ok games more will appear soon.
– apps are Powerful. developers can access more functions in the system. too many to list. for example auto-sms reply to missed calls.
– Google Sky Map =) absolutely fantastic.
– multitasking is complicated, but not bad, quite powerful.
– Maps is great. Apple will prob die if Google pull the plug on them.
– navigation is great. in US u can free turn-by-turn voice navi. here i dunno
– oh yes android has Flash. = great apps, great functions, great games to come. viewing websites too.
– Java is there.
– Google Voice integration. not useful here, but i like it.
– Gmail. i cant live without it.
– music is a pain. the phone player sux. the DoubleTwist phone player sux. the DoubleTwist desktop app can sync ur iTunes stuff into your phone. its not bad. but still needs lots of work. kinda too mafan to use. and slow. better than nothing. Google is coming up with their music stuff soon, by Gingerbread Android 3.0. So hopefully that makes them awesome, hope.
only good thing is that u can just put music in like a usb drive. copy and paste. drag n drop. no restrictions.
– calendar. i mean, its just great, period. its a entire hour of explanation by itself.
– swype is coming

So what’s still better on the iphone:
– ease of use. mainly coz its so stupid and uncustomizable.
– music. coz it is an iPod in disguise
– user interface polishness still a tad better. prettiness wise i mean.
– your games.
– resale value of the phone (ahahah, but seriously)
– apparent coolness factor. like showing people you have an iPhone. well only works on those who dont know how dumb the phone is.
– ok nothing else. maybe the new screen and the new front video camera.
– consolidated settings?
– multi language keyboards

all the fun stuff kinda kills my battery. oh well. did i mention i can put in a microSD card. hey some phones cant take one.
the Desire default ringtones are kinda soft.
changed already still kinda soft.
Android phones keep appearing, newer and better ones. overly tempting. sheesh.
Nowdays I have so little incentive to use the comp because gmail and IM are all on the phone. i dont even get anymore excitement when i open up gmail on the browser here, coz i already know there’s no new mail.


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  1. xiaocow says:

    hurray! haha… you need to show me the pretty stuff someday. apparently you can play a movie clip as your background on ipod touch (i managed to do it once, through an (jb) application)… but was rickrolled.
    music player sucks… probably time to get a(nother) separate music player =) haha.

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