an oddly high class weekend

It’s most hilarious, and utterly coincidental that we had one of our more ‘high class’ / ‘high ses’ / atas weekends, while a survey report came out about perceptions of class and what high class entails.

So, first, our lovely weekend.

  1. Short films at Botanic Gardens

Heard about SAM showing past year Imaginarium shorts as part of Botanic’s heritage fest or something. We came down with our improvised picnic. Couldn’t and didn’t really prepare beforehand except for hurriedly digging out a picnic mat in the morning before work. Grabbed cheese and crackers from cold storage, sandwiches from Four Leaves, and apricots from NTUC. lol. cheap and fancy at the same time. It’s good that we don’t need to worry too much about having fancy food, but just simple selections of things we enjoy.

It was a lovely setup, cool and clear weather, free popcorn/potong/muahchee, and just a small comfortable crowd. Really haven’t had a picnic in quite long.

1.5 hours of different types of short films was really quite ALOT. Fun but also maybe a bit long. And then there’s that creepy part about leaving botanic gardens in the dark night time. Only my second time inside at night and I always found it creepy.

So yeah. picnic in botanic watching artsy film and eating brie. =)

2. Poetry Festival 2019

We looked at the lineup few days back but didn’t manage to find anything that really caught out eye. Rueful. The marketing was really horrible as well, it was difficult to get any details without logging into facebook or peatix. UGH.

Thankfully, on the day itself, S’s friend was offering up comp’d tix cause she’s like in the performance. Woot, here we go. Even though my knees and ankles were still so tired and painful from the previous day, I could not pass this up.

It was a really really delightful performance. I have to say I liked it more than I would have thought. It was a mix of singing, dance, musical (I’m starting to appreciate these more), a segment of spoken word (I miss our days going out to spoken word events. haiz. Oh to be young, careful, energetic and have all the free time again..). It was really nice. Loved it. Definitely love the vibe a bit more than the musical community. But maybe it’s a bit quiet compared to lit festival.

3. ArtScience museum

So friend told us about this free event, which I knew nothing about but just wanted to see ArtScience for once. Never felt it was worth the entrance fee to go in.

There was a fair crowd, but we survived the balloon madness. Ok it wasn’t that bad, still fairly chill.

So that’s our little weekend of surprisingly high class events, in a low class and low budget way. All the events were free, and we spent pretty little on food as well. haha.

It was a great throwback to the past years of us being crazy into stand-up, poetry, arts, literature, music, shows, museums, poetry slams, discovering spoken word on youtube, going for multiple festivals, night fests, going to comedy clubs in NYC!

In a way these are not that common activities unlike going to the movies, but they aren’t also that inaccessible (I feel / I thought), it’s not like $100 musical theatre shows at all, just that the content is quite more obscure – no-dialogue short films, poetry dance about immigrants, instagrammable moon balloon.

The other day I was joking about the quote about living on love and fresh air.

Sure all these are privileged pursuits, that don’t put food or money on the table, and not found at your neighbourhood community centre (which I do frequent as well!). Sure you need to have a great command of English to follow along the content, and american accents.

But it wasn’t expensive, gated, out of reach. You just have to dare to step in the door, listen, and just appreciate it a little.

And I’m glad we both, despite our other differing interests, can enjoy these beautiful moments together.

an oddly high class weekend

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