adrenaline fix

what a crazy route home.

Left HK cafe at marina sq at 11.55PM. too late to get out to city hall -> NEL. (on hindsight should have considered esplanade circle line -> dhoby ghaut. but last train from DG was 12.04am. so it was probably not possible.  a few mins to get into train station, into train. 4 min journey 2 stops and then walk across DG to NEL platform. not likely to make it but should make it a habit).

so got into 2nd last train at Esplanade stop. waited about 10 seconds for the train. (last train 0000 hrs. currently insufficient info on last train to connect to punggol-bound NEL.)

spent the train ride figuring out how to connect home from Serangoon station – the most logical place to change.

decided the 21min journey will end later than most bus transfers at Serangoon. definitely no NEL. (ends at 12.15am there) i couldnt find a bus back to sengkang. at least andy had a bus to hougang. sortof was tending towards taking bus to hougang or taking cab back.

one stop before Bartley andy asked whether i could alight there. and voila on looking at the map i realised i have alighted here before and hiked around the area.. ok anyway it was close to upper paya lebar road where 80 goes past. 80 darn doesnt go near serangoon mrt. and well. checked bus timing. seems ok. 10-15min to walk over to catch the last bus. ok i discovered that like 3 seconds before the train doors opened. got off at an empty station. came out to an empty road. walked across one overhead bridge. 500m to the bus stop on the other road. that’s like one stop away. and caught the 2nd last bus in 1-2minutes. which brought me to my doorstep.

total time about 45-50minutes. very good.

considering a typical old journey will be 5 mins brisk walk to city hall mrt, wait, train one stop +5min, walk across DG 3min, NEL to SK 21min, walk home 5-10min. about 40min in total.

it helped that i had some caffeine in my system, too much laughing, and alot of adrenaline. it was great fun to avoid the cabs. feel very young and crazy.

the internet also recommended taking 70M from esplanade and changing to 80. at least 50-75mins total time.

NightRider 6 – $3.50 – 76-97 min journey

it certainly helped alot to have google maps on the phone, and mobile without which i wouldnt have tried such crazy stunts.

so, as long as its not yet midnight, dont give up! it also helps to have some experience with last train timings. though it is not so becoming to be doing this at 26yo and working. tsk. priceless adrenaline though.

adrenaline fix

4 thoughts on “adrenaline fix

  1. ~b. says:

    “on hindsight should have considered esplanade circle line -> dhoby ghaut”

    hahaha!!! was just thinking about asking u whether you could have tried that route!!! =)

    i realized that going home for me takes longer if i take circle line from Dhoby Ghaut than if I take NEL =)

  2. ~b. says:

    oh another thing, just read the rest of the entry…

    you could have stopped at Tai Keng and saved yourself the whole walk… #80 (and most other buses) stops at the bus stop just outside Tai Keng MRT… (it’s what I do when it’s raining and I don’t want to make the long walk home!)

    BUT, if you stop at Bartley, take the lift out from the platform to come out the right side and save yourself the overhead bridge. =)

    shaves off precious minutes when you’re rushing for the bus. lol =)

  3. jh says:

    “esplanade -> dhoby ghaut” i would have missed the train according to the offical last transfer time of 12:04am.
    however today i boarded the last NEL train at 12:07am-ish. last trains tend to leave late. so i dont know. anyway not a reliable call.

    Tai Keng. well im not familiar with the area. and there really wasnt enough time or brain power to check so many alternative routes. if i had a stable internet connection and a fast pc i could have done it. but and google maps cant do so many advanced level alternative routes. perhaps tai keng in the future. tho i will still try to avoid this. not good. should just leave 10 min earlier for home.

    Bartley lift eh. ok. i was considering just jaywalking. would not have been difficult. and i also walked around a field coz i din want to dirty my new shoes.

    not fun to do it a second time. perhaps a different route in the future.

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