additional image uploads

Hail good news. Upload of more than one image file is now possible. Hurray. The method used was more omg-i-have-to-do-this??? than i imagined. But it’s 3.30am, I don’t care it works after googling for so long. It’s basically working, but I need to clean up the messy links and collateral damage, and switch the old system over… and prettify things. I am so glad this is one major headache solved. what a damn solution.

Looking prettier.

My pivotal tracker pending list is getting shorter. finally.

To add to my todo list: versioning, updated by who, title update link, proper redirection, one main image display small sub image display and damn jquery display again, new commenting system.

I look at what I did near 2 months ago, and what? that was sooo simple. *slaps forehead*

additional image uploads

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