About Time [2013]


About-Time-UK-Quad-Poster lo Yet another movie by the writer Richard Curtis, the actor Bill Nighy, and the actress Rachel McAdams. The Domhnall Gleeson guy? Oh he’s forgettable.

About Time feels like life. At the end of the two hours of film, you see that it’s so real, so lifelike, yet so utterly forgettable, yet so poignant. It felt like a story of one family. One family through the years, many many of those years. That “second chance” thing you see on the poster, throw that away. As it reads, ” a new funny film about love, with a (little) bit of time travel”.


It was never really about time travel, it seems. I suppose if i came up with this plot, it would have started with the question “If time travel were possible, what then? Would my life be different? What would I do differently?” and the answer my friend, might simply be ‘nothing at all’.


Tim the main protagonist in the story starts off so daft. In fact he remains so daft throughout that I didn’t really want to watch him. He learns to travel back in time. Well and good, and also pretty useless. He stumbles in meeting the absolutely wonderful Mary (Rachel McAdams).


What kind of names are Tim and Mary. It’s almost as if they didn’t make any effort. Or perhaps they tried too hard. Mary doesn’t really contribute much other than being a dutiful gf wife and innocent girl who makes the movie/life worth living for. Because frankly Tim is a rather silly person who is a boring lawyer with terrible friends. He does have a sweet and kind heart, and tries to help others. He doesn’t use his time travel very wisely or cunningly, never really doing much with it. Nothing that would change the world. Just little tweaks. He’s such a simple Cornwall pumpkin really. For all that Mary reads for a living, one could expect more of her lines than just oestrogen and prettiness. Weddings and funerals. Come to think of it, this writer has an obsession with weddings and funerals. How odd. But they were done pretty well. Time travel couldn’t stop it being rainy though, I noticed. And that was one of the moments where we are told that not everything has to be perfect all the time for us to remember and savour the moment.

The fairly oddball younger sister, the incredible acting and lines of the father, the dreamlike countryside, the stark London Underground, that was all beautiful. It was a beautiful film, it was a beautiful story, and there was beautiful music.



Bill Nighy is incredible, exceedingly suited for witty lines. I suppose it does suit the British accent. He is such a joy to watch. If only I could remember this incredibly awesome line of his in this movie.



I think the writer was superbly mature. It was a great piece about time. Simply about time and it’s characteristics, it’s fragility, it’s ephemeralness (?), it’s speed, it’s simplicity, it’s beauty, and the same about life itself. It wasn’t a huge Hollywood movie about a big event, or a big story, or a big catastrophe. Life itself is worth telling. And I hope I can remember all the beautiful and also the sad moments of it.





About Time [2013]

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