A different HK

A different work schedule and Pokemon Go made this into quite a different HK visit.

  1. Arrive at HKG. Sees a shadow on sightings, looks at tracker, woah nidoqueen! But I’m still in the immigration queue and it’s outside the airport! 8min timer! Finally gets through immigration, pick up bag from carousel, rushes towards different side of airport exit, and take a lift down, and catches the nidoqueen. That was a eventful arrival.
  2. Office is beside an Electabuzz spawn point, all day long. ^^
  3. Have lunch at a eatery in a industrial-like building beside the office. Woah, quite a bunch of interesting food places that are actually pretty nice! Need to take the cargo elevator up to different levels and go to different eateries. hm.
  4. Main target: get a Farfetch’d before leaving. Search online, after the recent nest changes, Signal Hill doesn’t seem to be a nest any longer. Discovers Signal Hill Park is a weird small park hidden behind between some buildings in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui. Never knew of this place. It’s a fairly steep hill, and a few people climb up, but most people just hang around outside the front gate. Quite a large crowd. Lots of decent pokemons spawning here, hence the crowd. Walk around the neighbourhood, explore so many streets and so many new buildings. Like 75% of Tsim Sha Tsui. Then tracker shows a Farfetch’d and finally caught it. Yay. Now I can go do anything else. “Farfetchd seel wartortle machop dratini seel jigglypuff arcanine shelllder rhyhorn seel nidoran” crazy spree
  5. Breakfast at local cafe/restaurant thing across from hotel. Ended up with amusing sandwich, macaroni, tea. That’s what happens when I randomly order the first thing I see, and am kinda surprised at what turns up. Still blindly stumbling around in a foreign land. Milk tea here is so super crazy strong and unsweetened. wow.
  6. Goes to computer centre, go to wrong level which is full of laptops, find the correct level with parts, cables, chargers, find a nice charger and stuff.
  7. Goes across to another street – Apliu Street, which i have never heard of before this, and discover a wonderland of electronics, lighting stuff, home hardware, etc etc, crazy fun men’s stuff. wow. best street market ever. Goes into random eatery for dinner, shares table with a small girl and mother. Small girl plays with her kolo bun. me tries to order fried rice and pork chop, something turns up. And “dong leng cha”, ice lemon tea! The locals just love their lemons. four slices of lemon per cup. and not as sweet.
  8. Decides to go to Element Mall to catch Abra. Wow what a nice posh mall that is full of luxury goods, luxury restaurants, and probably for the mainland china tourists to go to Macau. Had to take a mini-bus from a weird busstop and end up at a basement bus interchange below the mall. Weird. Then the gps is horrible, cant catch pokemon properly. Give up, go back to Signal Hill.
  9. Goes buy a shoe. Wow the street shops close so early. Still did not expect that.
  10. Decides to go to Morse Park for Kabuto. Was kinda unsure whether to really go to such a “far” away park in the heartlands. Weird MTR stop, seems to have another mall. Walks through housing estate. A surprisingly crowded park with large sports facilities. Many soccer pitches, etc. Wow. Follows the lures. Follow the crowd to catch one hitmonlee! yay that was great. Then just chasing down the kabuto that keeps popping up. Fairly easy. This nest aint too bad after all. And also picked up machop+machoke. also crazy number of clefairy in hk.
  11. Have lunch at a “da pai dong”, some zhi-char / hawker like place with nice cooking. Fascinating.
  12. Goes to a Squirtle nest at Lan Kwai Fong Park. This is also fairly out of the main tourist areas. In some neighbourhood, behind apartments. Wow so many so many so many Squirtles. And it rains on me. and it stops raining. and I get more squirtles. And a Hitmonchan to pull me away from the park! yay. this is great.
  13. Pick up mooncakes from some shop at the basement of a mall. woah.
  14. Randomly goes to a restaurant on the 10th floor. It’s surprisingly nice and crowded. woah.
  15. Goes back to Signal Hill. Only one Charmander today. The crowd runs off for a Snorlax but I’ve got other things to wait for.

It’s crazy how I go to all these never-been-before places that are off the tourist track and really feels uncertain but thankfully the pokemon crowd makes it feel relatively safe and okay to be around. At least there are people, even at 10pm, 11pm etc. And I don’t feel like a crazy madman. And it really seems to show a different side of HK.

A different HK

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