7/ youtube became a monster. it always has been. but in 2014 youtube emerged as the place for entertainment consumption for anyone under 16. and these youngsters are going to grow up quickly. watching The Interview on YouTube was a fitting end to an amazing year for the king (and queen and joker too) of Internet video.

Lots of nice insights in this post.

The Internet landscape has definitely evolved a fair bit over the past year. It is afterall a year of Internet time. (While lots of corporates have not changed.)

Social Media is horrible, and I’m glad some of the fascination has worn off. Messaging is a super essential part of smartphones, networks and even just phones. Lots more can still be done – better integration, automation, smart assists, hands-free, speed. Messaging, that is data-based messaging, is still very much a free-to-use ecosystem, which gives rise to lots of terrible backend designs like whatsapp. Cheap and simple, targeted to millions and millions of users, the more the better. I wonder if we’ll transition to paid systems like Slack, non-enterprise I mean. Either that or it’s indirectly ad-supported, like Hangouts (Google ads), Whatsapp (Facebook ads), iMessage (Apple hardware and AppStore revenue supported). So far so good. Might change.

I’m not big on the crowdfunding thing – there’s too much crap out there, but it seems to be working well for some people. Certain projects like Pebble got off well, but seems to still be losing steam towards big established players.

6/ mobile and messaging has started to impact the enterprise. slack is the poster boy for this trend in 2014.

I am so intrigued to see how new technologies replace the traditional in enterprise. Do you feel secure doing work on mobile? or do you still need the familiar keyboard, monitor, outlook, Word, Excel, printer? Too much work still requires a full setup. Even developers cant run away from lots of this. And what’s with all the physical IP phones still sitting on all those fancy desks. Is VOIP/Video still not quite there yet?

Is Consumer technology leading ahead of Enterprise technology? Why are consumers using more advanced systems that companies?




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