5h21min. sheesh so slow. i hate leg cramps, and the total full-body energyless feeling. it was insane trying to push myself to run jog when my body isn’t high. it felt good from 1-10km, 22-28km and 37-42km. the rest was just insane. i so need to train more for such things. even the initial 10km was faster than my normal pace. merde. somehow felt more uninspired and unprepared this year. not good.

next time sub-5, else waste of time =p

unofficial times:

10.6km 01h03 pace 05:58  – good!
21.1km 02h19 pace 07:17 – :/
31.6km 03h44 pace 08:06 – not that bad
33km 04h04 pace 08:51 – i hate this bit
42km 05h21 pace 08:20 – finally.

avg pace 07:37

why am i so crazy.

i also hate being sunburnt. it’s this ridiculous side effect that i never expect.

stanchart marathon 2011.

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