Them versus Us

Chua Mui Hoong – Straits Times Review Editor wrote a fantastic article today, the entirety of which was good, but I shall quote my favorite para below:

But if anyone had asked us, we would have said so openly. Of course the Singapore Government tries to influence coverage in the national newspaper – just as the US government tries to manipulate not just newspapers in America and the rest of the world, but even Hollywood.

Just ask Mr Karl Rove, former Preseident George W. Bush’s long-time advisor. US government tactics range from the usual verbal inducements of flattery or battery to “cultural diplomacy” and even “embedding” journalists – when reporters sign contracts restricting what they can report in exchange for the privilege of living with and reporting on soldiers in military units or war situations.

In fact, every company chief executive, school principal, public relations manager, concerned parent, and anyone who has ever held a view on whether there should be less or more sex in the paper, has tried to influence the media.

Young people view the world as one of Them versus Us; Authority versus Free Spirits; Government versus People; Editors versus Reporters. Then, as you grow older, you realise there’s no Them and Us. There’s just us – with different viewpoints, but engaged in the same endeavour.

It’s a great article. Main section page 2, 17 Sept 2011.


Often the world is larger and deeper and more intertwined than we realise in our superficial comprehension. But often in the face of too-much-information, it is impossible to act. Shrug.

Young people. Like us. 🙂 And we grow, and we change, in ways we might not realise. I wonder how many of my own rules I have broken.

Them versus Us

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