30 seconds of apogee

did something i’ve thought about for awhile – ran out to the end of punggol road, which is something like an end-of-the-world. 🙂

30 minutes out, through blasted traffic and one lonely road, to spend 30 seconds watching the sunset, and then back through the painful road.

30 short seconds looking out over the narrow straits, the shipyards, the choppy water, the blazing sky.

it’s like apogee point of a rocket which powers up through the lower atmosphere, breaks through the clouds, glimpses the sun/stars/space for a few short moments, before plunging back into murkiness and darkness. like in the 3rd Matrix movie (darn they dont make movies like that these days).

remember Gattaca… there’s this part where the disabled guy challenges his brother on their usual who-can-swim-furthest-out-to-sea challenge, and this time he swims further out than ever, causing his able-bodied and stronger brother to admit defeat and question him. he says something like “this time i didn’t save any for the trip back”. which pretty much summed up his uphill struggle to be better than his brother, to be accepted, to make it into the space program. this one last crazy swim in the middle of the night out into the dark waters.


and Pink Martini playing in my ear.

30 seconds of apogee

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