Overheard a lady in the telco shop asking the salesperson:

“Is 16gb enough?”
“What do you normally use your phone for”
“I don’t watch movie.”
“Games should be okay”

“Can I add memory card”
“That one only Samsung phone can”
“What Samsung phones are there”
“Samsung S5… “

Can I say it’s sad that people have to worry about whether they have enough storage capacity in their phones? It’s true that to the layperson, gigabytes and app sizes are pretty foreign concepts. Most people hardly use that much storage space anyway. But I have seen mobile games with files of hundreds of megabytes – graphics intensive games. Taking photos and videos also use up alot of storage space. Pre-loaded music is another.

The biggest problem I have is that companies use storage space as a price differentiator. Like what? 16gb and 32gb does not cost twice as much, or even 20% more in terms of material costs. It’s only the ram chip that’s doubled, not the processor, the touch screen, the battery, the camera chip, the sensors, the casings, the softwares. It’s only the ram chip. If you want to upgrade the ram in your laptop, you don’t pay such a ridiculous premium.

So that’s quite unfair to the consumers, to me as well. In the end, use cloud storage? Use (yuck) iCloud? That was an iPhone in the conversation above. And we know how problematic and insecure iCloud (or rather Apple), can be.

Dropbox? Google Drive? (all the advertising scanning) Samsung’s own cloud (Samsung has horrible apps), Xiaomi’s own cloud (in china?). What then. No cloud service is super secure.

At the end of the day, most people’s majority data is not super sensitive, but still important enough for an automated cloud backup. I’ll still say go to Google’s backups for now. Photo backup to G+ is dumb, it should go to google drive. (sometimes it’s the same difference).

I hope manufacturers find a better way of differentiating their price points. Couldn’t you just make one SKU? Nah, the marketing and analytics folk will tell you that you need to give a soft option to boost sales. 16gb or 64gb. better than yes or no.

btw 16gb is sad, I can’t even fit one year of photos, videos and music onto 32gb.



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