im sorry i made everyone upset yesterday.
i’ve never done that before and it was something like a world record for me, in a bad way.

i switched to songs without lyrics today. i hope that helps.
by the way the songs i put up yesterday..i was reminded of some of them coz of the tv show. yes. so its not like i was that emo-ing you know.
(right there) doesnt refer to anything. but if you want to be a psychologist…i cant stop you.
(capital) refers to stuff i talked about on saturday/sunday. and also some nice words. and also to the stuff in [brackets] in the post. and the song happened to be playing and i first realised its not a happy song.
(the chinese stuff) was because i first wrote the 5 characters coz i like them and coz it reminds me of a song which i cannot get the title of. and then everyone started asking me about it but i couldnt explain myself and then there are unsaid things, and then everyone was upset and i decided to just sorta answer everyone, and incidentally make everything worse.

i thought i shouldnt talk to anyone last night. so i went to do some drawing.
here’s my brief lousy rendering. i hope you like it.


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