Do normal people still use blogs anymore? I feel so antiquated. This is almost as bad as writing a harcopy letter by hand. Has everyone migrated to mobile instant messaging, facebook, 140char twitter, or instagram? Somehow I never felt like I belonged on those social networks. Only ICQ and facebook ever had a strong enough clique of friends, but facebook has too many issues. I’m almost totally on g+ now. Google taking over my life.


So time passes. Tick tock tick tock. Just like in the movies the long arm of the grandfather clock swings back and forth. Back and forth. Slowly, constantly, persistently, insistently.

I don’t think I will ever stop writing, it’s the only way I can express myself properly. Conversations are too short, monologues sometimes too long and embarrassingly awkward, texting is even shorter.

I heard an old chinese song on the radio earlier. I forgot the lyrics.

Quiet december. People are away. Things slow down. I’m not feeling my age yet, it’ll come.

My new wallet is rather awesome. I’ve always been quite a rebel with regards to wallets. I remember hunting all over orchard for one a long time back. I don’t like the normal typical type. Which reminds me that my paths seem to never end up on Orchard this year, whether that’s good or bad. I miss that place. Lots of familiar nooks and crannies.


Sigh. Another time.


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