The newest app released by Google. Day 1: lots of fuss by people who weren’t aware that Duo, at the current iteration is mobile-only, single device-only, mobile number-based, single person call-only.

Undoubtedly it is quite a bizarre app to be releasing in 2016, when most apps have loaded on tons of features, logins, web+mobile platforms, etc etc. It is really pared down to the simplest form possible on a mobile device. That must have been a really tough call to make, all the way to the top. When all the features and engineers and servers and resources are available to you, and you choose to take it out of the app, that’s quite a move.

I think Google is perhaps targeting a different audience – “the next billion users”. Duo isn’t just simple, it’s specific. It seems to fit really well into the developing countries market. These users have their main identity tied to their phone number. That’s their business line, that’s their contact point, that’s their identity. People remember other people’s phone number. They have poor 2G, 3G networks. They have a single weak mobile phone, not iphones and S7s. They don’t have main email or google addresses – that’s not how they share identity. They don’t have multiple phones, tablets. They don’t multitask in front of the laptop daily – they are laborers or farm workers or village folk. I am generalizing here, but it seems like Duo could really reach this audience instead of solving video problems for first world countries that already have Hangouts, Skype and Facetime. By having this new generation grow up (internet wise) on Duo, Google could have a potential move here. But of course this audience is also deeply into WhatsApp and other lightweight number-based IM platforms.

Who knows? Let’s see if it catches on.


hk typhoon nida

A work trip to HK, where we encountered a surprise typhoon warning upon landing. My first typhoon, and it really disrupted the meetings schedule.

Cool to see how organized the city was at dealing with their seasonal weather. Shops and businesses close down, schools close, public transport close, harbor closes, the stock exchange closes, the HK observatory updates everyone hourly, everyone seems to know how the weather will likely be in a few hours time. It didn’t seem to hit as bad. 400 trees down, 50-145km/h winds, minor flooding somewhere, alot of cancelled flights, a mess at the airport. Generally not as bad as it mainly hit from 2am to 10am, and you just sleep through most of it unless you’re out for some ungodly reason.










hk typhoon nida


NextcloudNew medal unlocked: managed to log into Nextcloud (Owncloud).

After two days of repeated wrangling with the installation and NFS share, I finally got the past the access permissions error that kept being thrown up.

Perhaps another blog post to come on detailed working config.

Still yet to get a LetsEncrypt cert and public URL.




University was a time of opportunity, potential, discovery, learning, and doing. We lose that. We lose it in the midst of budgets, schedules, waiting, dependencies, work hours, manpower and differing focuses.

We become separated in little bounded worlds, with excuses and misalignments and each individual selfish directions, bound in a family we cannot escape from. But why?

The Space Shuttles were named Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour. Except for Columbia, the rest are named after explorer ships, mostly of HMS though. Exploration, discovery and progress, these are the properties that must drive the human species forward, not beleaguered politicking and administrative tape.